How to use Google Drive to backup and Synchronize Data over multiple computers.

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Google Drive is one of the most versatile and probably most under used applications offered for free.

Chances are you have a google email account and even if you don’t you can sign up for one pretty easily. Part of what you get with your google email account is a product called google drive. You can get to it from drive.google.com or if you click on the 9 dots next to your name it will give you the application launcher and you can choose google drive from there! At the bottom left of the page is Get Drive for PC – this will download the application for your desktop

How it Works

Google Drive is similiar to One Drive, BT Sync, and Dropbox. It keeps a set of folders on your desktop and an application that monitors that folder. Once something is put in that folder the application automatically sends it to the “Cloud”, your google drive to be exact.  The key is you have to put something in the folder for it to be sent up. So we all know the biggest problem to backing up documents is the human touch!

So How does this help me?

Since google drive keeps a set of folders locally and windows has a built in feature for all your OS default locations(My Documents, Downloads, Pictures, etc…) We can marry the processes together to build a pretty slick data sync for FREE{most google accounts do have limitations to how much data for free you can store online so if you have a lot of pictures or videos you may want to exclude them from automatic upload}.  Next thing you need to do is locate My Documents, downloads, pictures or any of the shell folders you want to redirect.

Windows 7

Double Click My Computer and on the left side under my computer are the shell folders

Windows 10

Double Click File Explorer and on the left side is a quick access menu










However you get there, right click on the shell folder and click properties

-Click on the Location Tab, there the default location will be c:\users\{username}\documents.












-Click MOVE browse to the Google Drive Local folder should be located c:\users\{username}\google drive. Go one step further and at the end of that use \documents {This will keep your files organized if you choose to sync more folders}.


-Once you locate the folder click select folder

-Click Apply and it will ask if you want to move or copy(If you are uncomfortable with this step choose to copy) Or Call us at Technic 570-346-8017

Once this is complete anything saved in this file will be saved automatically to the google drive in the cloud. If you are doing this to sync between 2 computers then repeat the process on the second computer.

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